Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17

I have been neglectful of my daily devotions. I have had some busy days this week and haven't had much time to slow down. I apologize.

Today I went to a retirement ceremony for Chief Mike Mills (retired). It was a beautiful ceremony of honor and commitment that one man has shown for his family, country, and God. Today was full of joy and laughter, along with tears. The thing I took from today is that there will be times in our lives that are hard. Times when we have to be away from our loved ones. During these times there is one person who will never leave us nor forsake us and that is our Lord and Savior. Today I hope we all take the time to recognize him and his love for us. Without him we are not able to do anything.

Today I pray a prayer of thanks for the family and friends I have been blessed with. I also pray that we are able to take the time to seek his face and know we are never alone and that we are loved.

Congratulations to Mike Mills and his family. We are all very thankful for your dedication to God and Country.

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